Lease-back the Model Home From the Builder? - Yes, Please!

So what are the advantages of leasing a model back from the builder?  So glad you asked, because I think it's the most brilliant idea, since sliced bread! 
1. Allows you to take advantage of today’s prices
Everyone who has ever bought a new home understands this simple concept.  The builder has regularly scheduled price increases and if you don't buy today- you'll be paying more for your dream home tomorrow.  The benefit:- if you buy the model home today- when the price of that home DOES go up- that's free appreciation for YOU!
2. Luxury of selling your home primary home on YOUR time
Since you are having the mortgage paid on your new model home, you can leisurely put the current home you are living in on the when the time presents itself, without the stress of carrying TWO mortgages.  

3. Tax advantages 
There are several tax benefits of home-ownership! Primarily the mortgage interest is deductible on your income taxes if you itemize. You can deduct the interest up to one million dollars of home mortgage debt, whether it is used to purchase a first or a second home.
4. Generate income before you move in
With monthly lease payments from the builder, you’ll have the luxury of cash flow and monthly income before you move in. Also builders make great tenants. We’ll maintain the home in top notch condition and pay all of the utilities and HOA fees while we occupy it.
5. Upgraded and (sometimes) fully furnished
A model home is often located on a premium homesite in the community and LOADED with custom options. At the end of the leaseback it will be move in ready! Professionally decorated and sometimes even furnished. No need to spend time shopping for window treatments or furniture.  Often times the builder will replace the carpeting- just so it's BRAND NEW when you move in. Free of charge.  Not bad- right?!

Now for the next bit of great news?!! Check out these GORGEOUS lease-back models!