Where Does AARP Think The Best Cities to Retire In Florida Are?

AARP released the top 10 affordable places in the US to retire.  Only ONE place in Florida made the list (a bit shocking, considering the city that they chose).  Their city of choice was:

Daytona/Deltona/Ormond Beach: Florida's Best Kept Secrets

Population: 514,450
Median home price:
Median mortgage payment:
Median property tax: $1,161
State tax on Social Security: 
State tax on pensions:
So now you want to move to Volusia county based on their recommendation.  Where do you start?  Well I would encourage you to buy new construction.  Their is no bidding wars, you can choose your finishes and the house will save you money in the long run.  PLUS I offer a rebate to ALL of my buyers.  Click on the link below for the latest areas and where to build.