Why NOW is the Best Time to Build Your Next Home- My Rebate AND the Rising Costs of Materials

Worried about being priced out of the market?  Concerned about your moving costs?  Well I can help by rebating you a large chunk of money at closing -  BUT YOU ARE STILL NOT SURE?  ...

Thinking of building your next house, but aren't sure if now is the best time?  Well you better jump off the fence, soon!   The cost to build homes has been rising much faster than the broader consumer price index.  In February the construction cost to build homes rose 7.8 percent from one year ago.  Cumulatively over the past 2 years, the cost has risen by 15 percent.  

I am in new builder's model centers almost every day of the week and the buzz words are  "price increase".  Each month (and sometimes sooner) the builder raises the prices due to "rising costs of materials".  What that equals is:  equity in YOUR pocket the sooner you go to contract.  Take a look at the article below to explain what is really going on and why NOW appears to be the best time to build!
Economic Outlook- New Construction