Frequent Price Increases Seen By Many Florida Home Builders!

Moral of the story:  Hire me, save money and earn a rebate.

So I just received an email from ANOTHER builder warning of price increases coming May 1st.  It then dawned on me that many buyers are not aware of the price increases often seen monthly from each home builder.  It then also occurred to me, that if you don't have me represent you, YOU may be liable for said price increase.  How do I get around the price increases?  Well first off, I register you (or have you register yourself) prior to any visits, so that you can be grandfathered in.  I've had clients save THOUSANDS by doing this.  Most builders will honor the price you first saw (provided it's within a few months of your initial visit/introduction), instead of losing a sale.

It's important to remember, most builders raise the prices at the beginning the a new month, so keep that in mind when you are out there shopping.  Try and make the decision before the new month begins.  Also remember, that if you are not 'sure' you want to purchase in a certain community, but there are only a few lots left (or only 1 lot left where you would consider building), put down a small deposit.  It's fully refundable AND you won't lose your lot.  Below is an inventory home at Millenia Park by Mattamy.  It's offered at a discounted price, PLUS they are raising their prices May 1st.  So be sure not to get caught with higher prices.  Hire me, save money and earn a rebate.

Winthrop Model Floor Plan at Millenia Park