Listing Your House? Make Sure Your Agent Lists These Hidden Gems In The Listing!

All agents try to list everything about your home that we thing buyers are going to gravitate towards, but below are 3 lists of the most important aspects of a home, based on the feedback from 1,500 real estate agents.  Make sure you don't overlook the importance of these items when your agent writes a glowing description of you home.  And if you are thinking of selling your house to move somewhere/anywhere in Florida- I can help AND rebate part of my commission to you!  That's what I do!  

The information from “Hidden Gems” was compiled by surveying more than 1,500 members of the ActiveRain Real Estate community.  Real estate professionals were given a list of home features and asked to rate each item based on the value to the home buyers. 

 Here is the raw data we worked with to build this infographic.

Q1 Rate these hidden gems that frequently aren’t reflected in the listing price that buyers should be on the lookout for.

 Q2  These upgrades are typically reflected in the listing price. Rate these items... are they "worth every penny" for the buyer?

Q3  Lifestyle attributes are about the location, not the physical home. Rate these items that are normally reflected in the listing price based on their value.