Harmony Florida- Central Florida's Largest Green Certified Community

A Harmony of Neighborhoods

In recapturing the charm of the American small town, Harmony follows the principles of “smart growth,” creating a proper place for everything: a pedestrian-friendly Town Square, houses and town-homes connected by parks and pathways, tree lined roadways, golf and recreation areas leading to protected space. Harmony is, in fact, not just a single place. Rather, it is “a place of many places,” where people can live, play, learn, relax and connect with each other through their daily activities. Just like any vibrant community, each of Harmony's charming neighborhoods presents a distinct style and personality. It is the blending of these diverse and dynamic areas that create a true hometown feel, the rewarding “sense of place” you'll find in Harmony.  Below is a list of inventory homes that are available now at a discount off of the current list price from the builders.  I also offer a rebate on these homes, even though they are inventory homes.  You can also find a video tour of a few of the inventory homes here:
Want to know more about Harmony and the values there:  

Quick Move-In

$180,2906821 Sundrop St.Montera C46G17833/2/2Lennar HomesNOW
$193,940Butterfly Dr.Beaumont A08G16103/2/2Lennar HomesAPRIL
$194,940Bayflower Ave.Beaumont C81G16103/2/2002Lennar HomesMAY
$202,940Bayflower Ave.Montera  A84G17833/2/2002Lennar HomesMAY
$222,1906807 Sundrop St.Lexington A53G19833/study/2.5/2Lennar HomesMAY
$225,7406812 Sundrop St.Lexington B07G19823/2.5/2Lennar HomesMARCH
$226,5406806 Butterfly Dr.Lexington C04G19823/2.5/2Lennar HomesMARCH
$230,9406822 Butterfly Dr.Solana A12G21863/Tech/2.5/2Lennar HomesMAY
$233,9906815 Sundrop St.Delray A49G24555/3/2Lennar HomesNOW
$248,9007142 Indiangrass Rd.Bali BD2-01 19904/2/2LifeStyle HomesNOW
$256,8406813 Sundrop St.Rio50G26346/3/2 + LoftLennar HomesAPRIL
$258,9203203 Dark Sky Dr.Lexington58G21744/2/2Park SquareMARCH
$291,9003208 NeedlegrassBimini BD2-0824944/3/2 + Game RoomLifeStyle HomesNOW
SOLD3200 Bayflower Ave.Abbey A78G35245/4/2003Park SquareMARCH
$639,9003211 Southern Pine RdKimberly22E39984/4.5/4Regatta BuildingMARCH