Florida Homebuyer – Buying New vs. Fixer Upper

I always try to convey to my clients that buying a new construction home doesn't cost you more than buying a resale, fixer upper, short-sale or foreclosure.  In fact, it usually costs you the same OR LESS!

Things you have to think about when weighing your options:
  • Getting the Floor Plan You Want VS. Compromising and living with a floor plan that is doable
  • Energy Efficient (lower operating costs) of a New Home VS. Lack of energy efficiency of an older home (higher operating costs)
  • Getting the Kitchen You Want From Day 1 VS. Compromising with a kitchen that is functional
  • Getting the Upgrades You Want From Day 1 VS. Living with the dust and the cost of upgrading AFTER you move in
  • Closing Costs Paid By the Builder VS. You paying your own closing costs
  • Flooring You LOVE VS. Getting planters warts from the renters who just moved out
  • Getting a Rebate From the Real Estate Agent at Closing VS. Not getting a rebate at closing
  • Getting the Home Site You Want  VS.  A bidding war on a home that is in the area you hoped for
  • Newest Building Code Compliance and Standards VS. Hoping the home you buy has been retrofitted with hurricane straps
There are SO many other benefits of building a newly constructed home that I could go on FOREVER...but don't take my word for it.  Read the article below:

Why You Should Buy New vs. A Fixer Upper