Zillow Lists Orlando's Hottest Housing Markets for 2013

Check out this article that showcases Orlando's hottest housing markets, from Zillow. Note: I don't normally endorse Zillow, because of it's horribly inaccurate values and information (contrary to popular belief===> I have seen homes that were listed and sold over 4 years ago that are still on Zillow for sale; truth), but I must say they have most of this right. 

Zillow's Version of Orlando's Hottest Housing Markets

The big question is:  Will these continue to be the hottest areas?  Well based on past history, the answer is: Yes.  Are you looking for the next big area that will experience growth?  I can help.  Based on current development,  future development, permits pulled and vacant land being gobbled up, my intuition says:  Sorrento and West Sanford by Wekiva River.  Thanks to the last expansion phase of the 429 expressway, this area will no longer be hindered with traffic/commute issues, once the road is finished.  If you wait until the road IS complete, you may have waited too long.  There are lots of new construction opportunities in that area RIGHT NOW, so don't procrastinate.  Give me a call or email me - I can help - plus you earn 1% back on your purchase.  And also remember - if you build from the ground up, it can take anywhere from 7-12 months.  Meanwhile you are earning appreciation on the value of the land (and subsequent home), at the builder's expense.  Currently builders are having MONTHLY price increases, because of the demand for new construction.   Call me TODAY!