Lake Nona VA Hospital is Getting A Nursing Home - Orlando Florida

So the news just broke that the VA hospital at Medical City in Orlando/Lake Nona has opened their "Community Living Center", formerly known as the VA Nursing Home of Orlando.  The 120 bed facility currently transferred all of the patients from the Baldwin Park Facility to their new home at Medical City Lake Nona.  There are approximately 100 patients residing their now, with a new (and the last wing) to open soon.  The patient to Nurse/CNA ratio is 15:3.  This is very exciting news to all of us who have been waiting for these services to come online at the hospital.  Below are some of the services provided:

Services Offered

 Skilled Nursing Care 
 Rehabilitative Services 
 Dementia Special Care 
 Hospice Care/End of Life Care 
 Respite Care 
 Spinal Cord Injury Care
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