Orlando Area Map of New Construction Home Sites

I've included the link to the new builder map below.  Now you can view all Central Florida builder communities on one easy to use map!

Zoom Out to view a city view, or Zoom in to view a smaller geographic area where you are looking for a new home. Click the red house(s) to view the community name and then visit the Builder website online!

New Construction Map

Once you have chosen a community don't forget to go to my website and download the paperwork to get your 1% rebate back on your new construction.  Construction Rebate Website

Can't find a community in your price range?  Email me!  There many be builders that have opened new communities that aren't on the map, or just out of the general area featured on the map.  

Looking to build a home outside of Central Florida?  I can still help!  I'm licensed in the state of Florida and work with almost every builder.  I can help no matter where you are building...just email me: