Housing Boom is Back with Buyers Flipping for Profits

So, as I was doing a new construction walk-thru at Windermere Terrace with my client yesterday, it occurred to us that the price of the home my client is purchasing has risen $30,000 since we originally went to contract.  Now mind you, this isn't a problem for my client, since his price was locked in when he went to contract back in February.  That $30,000 was pure profit to him, once he closed.  And mind you, he's not closing for another 6 weeks, which in that time frame the house price is slated to have another price increase (per the City Homes Salesperson).  As we spoke to the new construction sales person, Tracy, he told us stories of other buyers who were simply going to 'flip' the homes they were building and keep the profit- Yup.  The buyers did absolutely NOTHING, but go to contract on new construction at the right time and now they are going to earn a huge profit for doing so. Then today, I see this story in my news feed (see below)- 
Housing Wire News- Home Buyers Flipping Homes Story
If you want to be a new construction flipper- call me.  There are certain areas that are experiencing larger gains than others- and I can help you navigate the good vs. the better.  PLUS you get a rebate from ME, which equals even more profit.  On the "flip" side of this, my client is NOT going to flip the home he's building, even though he is buying it for retirement.  NOPE, he's going to put a pool in with the new construction winnings- something he wasn't going to do be able to do for another year.  He's super happy!